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Yokohama Daisan Management - Wealth Management
Our private client solutions are there for those individuals who would like to invest capital in a variety of financial markets, offering different yields. For example: Bond market, Commodity market, Foreign exchange, Stock market and more.

Yokohama Daisan Management has a whole team involved on our decision making, started by using fundamental data. With a team of strategists and analysts diagnosing the macroeconomic moves to evaluate the situation in the markets.

Our investment team take these drafts, conduct a further thorough analysis and then conclude as a team in agreement on the sector or asset.

Yokohama Daisan Management create a macroeconomic view of the global markets over a period of time such as monthly, quarterly or yearly. Incorporating forecasts and opinions to this draft, it works as a general scan of the financial markets that reaches all the asset types.

From this draft, the investment team would get the best opportunities and would apply them to your portfolio where possible.

With an entire team involved, we assure you receive the best service. The process is designed so that any human errors are completely avoided, again giving us the most profitable returns.

You will be in touch with a personal broker from the investment team at Yokohama Daisan Management. They will constantly be assessing your profile and objectives with you. From this, our experts will propose to you the best methods or services suited to you personally.

Investment products range from instant market execution solutions, options contracts, futures contracts and more.