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Yokohama Daisan Management - Message CEO
A Message From Our Chief Executive Officer of Yokohama Daisan Management.

Dear Clients,

Firstly, we would like thank you all for your continued support and assurance in our services and methods; I am happy we can make history together and I feel honoured to be a part of the team. We have learned to adapt to market changes over this last decade since we were first established.

We believe at Yokohama Daisan Management that you can’t do it individually because of the volatility and high unpredictability, especially over the last decade as the financial world has shown mixed behaviour.

We have a professional team of analysts, consultants, specialists and developers all working behind the scenes, being a part of this team increases your likelihood for success and you can get through the tough tests ahead much easier.

Every year we make a huge effort to improving our results, we do this by applying new inventive plans and project types all while keeping the old philosophies in place. I want to thank all of the team for this big effort as it is not easy. We as a company aim to stay at the top and all of our team members are seeking to perfect their skills to give this company a great future and I feel responsible for every move.

In this day and age people are required to find more complex saving methods as we have lower deposit rates and lower yields. We consider your long term goals and will help you to create a tailored portfolio that does this.

At Yokohama Daisan Management we want you to be able to trust our professional team and feel safe about your future.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Moriya Kentaro
Chief Executive Officer
Yokohama Daisan Management