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Yokohama Daisan Management - Investment Management
Yokohama Daisan Management investment management services for corporate clients are looked after by a specialist team that works with corporate specific strategies.

We use top range analytical approaches to make it more predictable so we can out perform the market standards.

We will deliver personalised execution services and investment suggestions that would satisfy your goals through the extensive experience in asset allocation and management alternatives we have amassed over the years.

We will consider all aspects of your business requirements when producing a corporate portfolio, so that everything is considered in detail.

We base our conclusions on corporate fundamental data linked to macroeconomic dynamics, we can only act when your company representatives approve with our decisions and choices. Every strategy that we implement Is a joint decision between our team and your company.

To help our corporate clients to accomplish striking results that would influence the company’s development overall, we will frequently come with relevant investment advice, insight info and trade execution solutions.