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Yokohama Daisan Management - CSR
Yokohama Daisan Management care about the environment and the world because well we are part of it and diversity is the main driver of our social responsibility.

Whenever a decision is made at Yokohama Daisan Management we always consider our environmental and social principles, we feel that being responsible towards the society is important in achieving quality results with long term impact.

We manifest our social responsibility by:

  • Being responsible when investing – we consider the fundamental aspects and always try to lessen the risks, we make sure our investment habits are in line with the regulators requirements and clients needs.
  • Reducing the environmental damage – we care about the environment and we try to concentrate on emissions, energy consumption, waste, etc. We have a distinct Environmental Policy that regulates our business habits and actions in order to decrease the possible damage on the environment. We have an insignificant influence on the environment directly, most of our environmental impact is indirect and is voiced by our investment options.
  • Participating in charity – It’s a pleasure for us to directly contribute to the societies we live in and is considered our duty.
  • Investing in our people – An important aspect for us is that we want to increase gender diversity by helping women occupy our financial jobs. We are devoted to find and support talented people who have our clients’ priorities in their mind.