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Based in Osaka, Japan with networks across the Asia Pacific, Yokohama Daisan Management are an established private wealth management company. Providing our clients access to the global financial markets, with both private and corporate opportunities.

Yokohama Daisan Management was launched in 2009 and has ever since proven outstanding results managing clients’ capital. With our team’s expertise and years of experience, our assets under management is now over $8.71 billion USD.

Using our market knowledge, we apply changes when necessary to benefit our clients positively. Yokohama Daisan Management have a simple goal which is to achieve customers financial targets with resourceful & proficient services.

You can expect thorough research of the markets, incomparable customer service and a continual determination to satisfy your prospects. At Yokohama Daisan Management we aim to ensure personal relationships with all of our clients.

Clients of Yokohama Daisan Management come from various socioeconomic statuses and from all over the globe, whether you are looking for a simple saving scheme or an institute looking to expand capital, we have a wide range of client services to suit all.

We fully understand everyone has different objectives in life and ensure we have adaptability within our team to satisfy every client. Our mission is to produce a positive return from your funds, allowing you to plan for the future and live at ease today.

Yokohama Daisan Management are always looking to grow and succeed as a company therefore act from a worldwide perspective. We have an international network linking regions of Europe, North America and Asia.

Responsibility - Yokohama Daisan Management

At Yokohama Daisan Management we understand that our reputation is built on trust, managing our clients funds is our profession and we do it with accountability, this is why our clients trust us. It is a big decision to trust someone else with your money, but when it comes to Yokohama Daisan Management this may be one of the most inspired moves you make.

Our Priority
Our Priority - Yokohama Daisan Management

Our main priority is your financial freedom, we work tirelessly day by day to manage your assets smartly, ensuring you succeed. At Yokohama Daisan Management we use all of our best methods to enhance your portfolio. We are continually growing our clientele worldwide as we always aim to be ahead of our competitors.

Our Approach

At Yokohama Daisan Management we want to meet the financial needs of all varieties of our customers: funds, companies, government agencies and individuals in search of increasing their wealth. We aim to achieve this by giving all of our clients the same respect, no matter their profile. Everyone will get the same consideration whether you are a person with a moderate deposit amount or whether you are an established client, only the approaches and aims would differ.